May 28, 2020

Domestic Violence Lawyer Pomona

Domestic violence is defined as abuse, or the threat of, when the abused and the abuser are or have been in an intimate relationship. If you are married, dating, or were married or dating a person, and there is a violent incident, that can be considered domestic violence. Keep in mind that the state of California includes the threat of abuse in the definition of domestic violence, so there does not need to be actual physical harm to be found guilty. Given the severity of these accusations, it is critical that you hire a domestic violence lawyer in Pomona if you feel that your ex is going to accuse you of being violent or making threats toward them or someone else in your household.

A Domestic Violence Lawyer in Pomona Can Protect Your Rights

Remember, just because you have been accused of domestic violence that does not mean you are guilty of it. This is something that has been used more and more frequently as a tool for gaining primary custody of children or additional assets in a divorce. If you have not been convicted of a crime, you should be presumed innocent of one. Unfortunately, perception can often be enough to influence a judge’s ruling. This is why it is critical that you hire an attorney to protect your rights and your future.

When to Call a Domestic Violence Lawyer in Pomona

Do not make the mistake of representing yourself when you have been accused of domestic violence in a divorce. Many people think that because they have not been charged with a crime, they can brush off the accusations. The evidence presented in court needs to be combated with evidence supporting your innocence. Doubt must be created so the judge does not assume you are guilty and make a ruling based on that perceived guilt. If you even think that your ex will be accusing you of domestic violence, you should speak with an attorney who can defend you.

Divorce, Custody, and a Domestic Violence Lawyer in Pomona

The Law Office of Laurence J. Brock can help if you have been accused of domestic violence when going through a divorce. This is all too common, and it is necessary to protect yourself and your future from the ramifications of a domestic violence conviction or even the perception that you committed a violent act. If the judge believes you are guilty, they could restrict your access to the children and even grant a restraining order that prevents you from coming in contact with them or anywhere they could be, as in their school or church. Even if the judge does not restrict your visitation, a restraining order could still be issued to keep you away from places your ex could be. This can make sharing custody incredibly challenging. Fortunately, an experienced lawyer can work on your behalf, protect your rights, and ensure that you are treated fairly.

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