June 02, 2020

Ontario Annulment Lawyer

Considering whether an annulment might be right for you? Learn whether you qualify for an annulment by speaking with an Ontario annulment attorney at The Law Office of Laurence J. Brock.

Are you considering getting an annulment of your marriage or domestic partnership? You might be overwhelmed by the process and need a little advice before moving forward. An Ontario annulment lawyer at our firm knows the ins and outs of California annulments and can look into whether you qualify to have your marriage annulled.

Annulment is not the same as a divorce, and it is actually considered the nullification of your marriage. This means the court declares that your marriage was never valid to begin with. There are many reasons a court could agree to an annulment, but a marital dispute, abuse, or other marital issues are not valid reasons.

When Is Annulment Allowed in Ontario, California?

When most couples divorce or separate, they must file for a divorce or legal separation. Most couples will not qualify for an annulment because there are very clear and distinct scenarios when the court allows an annulment to take place.

Read on to learn more about whether your situation is permitted under California’s annulment laws. Talking to an Ontario annulment attorney to learn more is also a good idea, as laws are always changing.

Incest – A marriage is never valid if it occurs between close relatives, such as siblings, parents, or close cousins.

Bigamy – A marriage is never valid if one of the parties was already married prior to the current marriage taking place. This does not include those who are previously divorced, but rather those who are still married to someone else.

Age – If a person entered into a marriage or domestic partnership before they were 18 years old, that union can be declared invalid.

Prior Existing Marriage – This is slightly different than bigamy. In this situation, the person entering the marriage was previously married, but that person’s whereabouts were unknown for at least five years, and the person was presumed to be dead.

Unsound Mind – If one of the parties is incapable of understanding the nature of marriage and what goes into it, then the marriage can be nullified.

Fraud – This covers when some form of deceit occurred when the union took place. For instance, only marrying someone in order to gain citizenship or not telling your spouse that you are physically incapable of having children.

Force – This refers to the literal forcing of someone to get married against their will.

Physical Incapacity – When the parties are unable to consummate the marriage due to physical issues.

Get in Touch with an Ontario Lawyer Regarding an Annulment

Do you believe you qualify for an annulment? In addition to the annulment itself, there are other effects of getting an annulment that you might need to learn more about, such as rights regarding any children.

Contact an Ontario annulment lawyer to speak with an attorney today. Your lawyer will know right away whether you qualify for an annulment and they can help you throughout the entire process. Call The Law Office of Laurence J. Brock at 909-466-7661, or you can complete the web contact form below.

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