Online Dating and Divorce

There are all kinds of theories out there on whether online dating is more likely to lead to divorce. The truth is that the research is still too contradictory and speculative to be able to draw any reliable conclusions.

For example, a recent study on online dating and divorce states that divorce is less likely if you’ve met your partner online than if you went the traditional route. However, other sources suggest otherwise.

With so many conflicting opinions out there, what are you supposed to believe?

Online Dating Can Be a Good Option

While some researchers claim that online dating leads to “casual” dating and more affairs, others say it depends on your goals. Yes, you can meet people online with no intention of establishing a long-lasting relationship, but sometimes your intentions can change.

Once you meet someone and get to know him or her, the person becomes part of your social network. It also turns out that where you meet someone doesn’t really matter as much as how you treat each other during the relationship. If you are unable to find a partner the traditional way, then online dating is often a good option.

What Factors Lead to Divorce?

If online dating isn’t really that big of a deal when it comes to factors that lead to divorce, then what does cause couples to break up? Here are a few common factors:

  • Adultery – Cheating is still one of the top reasons couples get divorced. This situation is difficult to overcome and is a common reason couples can’t work things out. One way to move past the mistrust adultery can cause in a marriage is to seek help from a counselor.
  • Financial Stress – Finances are a big cause of conflict in relationships. When a couple is not on the same page financially (one is a good saver and the other is a big-ticket spender, for example), this can lead to cracks in the marriage that are difficult to mend. Seeing a financial planner can help get both people to see eye to eye.
  • Work Stress – Work-related stress is another big problem in marriages, as is the time spent away from one another. When one person in the relationship has overwhelming work obligations, this can slowly drive a couple apart because they aren’t making time for each other. Regular date nights can help bring a couple back together.
  • Depression – When one party in a relationship suffers from depression, especially undiagnosed depression, it can put incredible strain on the other party. One minute, the person can seem happy, and the next minute, he or she is going through intense mood swings. The other party in the relationship can grow resentful over time.
  • Addictions – Addictions can be incredibly stressful for both people in a marriage. Getting over an addition is a long, hard road, and couples can begin to lose touch with one another during the battle. The important thing is to keep reaching out and trying to connect. Therapy can help a couple get through addiction.

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Online dating doesn’t necessarily lead to divorce and is a good option for couples that want to look outside of their own small network for a partner. To avoid divorce, you must work hard to maintain your relationship. Sometimes, though, no matter how much you work at it, relationships can still fall apart.

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