May 24, 2020

Fontana Prenuptial Agreement Lawyer

If you think that a prenuptial agreement is the right option for you, contact a Fontana prenuptial agreement attorney with The Law Office of Laurence J. Brock.

Many people don’t often consider getting a premarital agreement, but it can be a smart move. Preparing for the future is always a good thing, and it can make challenges down the road much easier for you to deal with. Preparing for the future does not mean that you want your marriage to fail, or even that you believe it might.

A prenuptial agreement is really just an insurance policy. It’s a legal document designed to protect your financial assets in the event the marriage ends. You can’t possibly know for sure that you and your spouse will be together forever, so it’s good to protect the assets, wealth, or business interests you’ve worked hard to build.

Contact a Fontana prenuptial agreement lawyer to see whether a premarital agreement is the right step for you.

Premarital Agreement Defined

A premarital, or prenuptial, agreement is a legal contract between you and your intended spouse in which you outline how property and assets are to be divided if a divorce takes place down the road. This contract can benefit both parties, with fair spousal support payments that ensure neither party is taken advantage of.

Why Would You Want a Prenuptial Agreement?

There are many reasons a person might want a premarital agreement. For example, you might have business assets to protect. Perhaps you’re a business owner and you’ve spent years building a successful company. With a premarital agreement, you can ensure that the business remains wholly yours, should the marriage fail.

Another reason could be if you have been given a large inheritance. You might want to protect that inheritance for your future children and grandchildren. You don’t want your personal relationships to affect the financial security of your descendants.

Below are some other reasons that people believe a Fontana prenuptial agreement will help them:

  • If one spouse has a large amount of debt prior to the marriage, the other might want to be legally protected from that debt.
  • Some spouses opt to outline household duties and expectations in their premarital agreements.
  • If one spouse decides to stay home to raise children, that person might want a prenuptial or postnuptial agreement drawn up to protect their financial future.
  • A prenuptial agreement can protect family wealth, rather than leaving the court to decide what is community property and what is personal property.

Work with a Fontana Prenuptial Agreement Attorney

Preparing a prenuptial agreement is best left up to the professionals, as a prenup is a legal and binding contract. You want your agreement to be fair for all involved parties and you want it done right, no matter why you’ve decided to create one.

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