May 31, 2020

Fontana Family Mediation Lawyer

Family law matters are among the most difficult to resolve. Trying to reach an agreement without a lawyer is not only frustrating, but you may also end up with your interests not being protected. Resolve your disputes with help from a Fontana family law attorney.

Whether you’re going through a divorce, trying to change a custody arrangement, or trying to assert your rights as a grandparent, these issues are almost always tough to resolve. Mediation is a good option for resolving disputes, but attempting mediation on your own isn’t usually the best idea.

Going it alone may seem easier in the short-term, but you may regret that decision later. Having a lawyer on your team during mediation, to watch out for your interests and ensure your rights aren’t being violated, is always going to be a smart decision to make. You need someone who can help protect you and the people you care about.

Contact a Fontana family mediation lawyer who can help you with whatever family law matter you’re currently dealing with.

When Is Family Mediation Necessary?

Family mediation is a process in which a family hires a mediator as a way to hash out issues, usually divorce or child custody issues, in order to avoid going to court. Family mediation can be a great option for those going through divorce, handling child custody matters, or unable to work out other family disputes.

Many people struggle to resolve family disputes, and mediation can definitely be a good option. Typically, if you and the other involved family members can’t resolve a dispute on your own, that’s when family mediation might be necessary.

Hiring a mediator can be cheaper than taking your family law case to court, but be careful that you aren’t taken advantage of.

Do I Still Need a Lawyer if I Choose Family Mediation?

Yes, it’s still best for you to have a lawyer even if you choose to try mediation. The problem is that even if you and the other involved party come to agreements on the contentious matters between you, how will you know if you’re getting what’s fair?

A lawyer is the best person to ensure that you aren’t being swindled, that your interests are being protected, and that your rights aren’t being overlooked. Even the mediator is just a neutral third party meant to guide the conversation so that things don’t turn ugly.

The mediator can’t reach agreements for you and certainly can’t peruse your contracts and agreements to ensure that they are fair—only a lawyer can do that.

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Choosing mediation as an alternative to family law court may be the right decision for you, but don’t forget to also choose your family lawyer. You will need someone who can make certain that any agreements that are reached are fair to you.

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