May 28, 2020

How Do I Change My Name After The Divorce?

Many divorcees feel that the most important part of establishing their new identity after a divorce is changing their name. This can help you move on; leaving the last name of the spouse you are no longer married to, behind you. And, if you decide to change your name after a divorce, you can return to the name you knew before you were married. For many people, a name change can be crucial in closing a chapter and starting a new one.

Name Change Process

The process to change your name during a divorce is fairly straightforward depending on your individual circumstances. For instance, if your divorce has not yet been finalized, you can still ask the court to restore your name in the proposed Judgment for divorce. The steps you need to take are going to be different if you are changing your name to your maiden name than if you are changing to something else. In which case, you would need to petition the court for a change of name.

If Your Divorce was in a Different State

If your divorce took place outside of California, you can either contact the court in the state where you were divorced and notify them that you live in another state, and they can inform you of the process for getting your name changed. You may also be able to petition your local California superior court to get your name changed.

After You Are Divorced

Generally, you can include the request to change your name in your divorce process, but if you haven’t and want the name change after your divorce is finalized, you can still get it changed. This usually requires contacting the court clerk in the county where you filed your divorce and completing an extra form.

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