May 31, 2020

Chino Hills High Net Worth Divorce Lawyer 

When you’re worth a lot of money, you have a lot of money to lose in a Chino Hills divorce. Partner with a Chino Hills high net worth divorce attorney at our firm to protect your rights, interests, and property during a divorce.

Everyone who goes through a Chino Hills divorce has to deal with the process of splitting up assets, debt, and other property. This process is not easy for most divorcing couples, but it’s particularly difficult for those who have a significant amount of assets and wealth. The process can be complex, and it’s not something to undertake on your own.

It’s advisable to team up with a Chino Hills high net worth divorce lawyer at The Law Office of Laurence J. Brock. Your lawyer can help get you divide marital assets fairly. This includes placing a value on businesses, business assets, stocks, intellectual property, and other types of property and assets. Reach out to a lawyer to get started on your Chino Hills divorce case.

Why Is it Difficult to Resolve High Net Worth Divorce Cases?

High net worth divorce cases are more difficult to resolve than other types of cases. If it were simply a matter of dividing liquid wealth, it would be easy. Just split the money down the middle and hand it to each party in the divorce. Unfortunately, wealth doesn’t work that way because it’s not all liquid.

Many people’s assets are tied up in businesses, homes, real estate, vehicles, furniture, art, and other types of property. Dividing these assets fairly can be tough. That’s why you want to work with a high net worth divorce lawyer in Chino Hills who specializes in divorce cases.

Other Issues That Chino Hills High Net Worth Divorcing Couples Face

Of course the division of property and debts is not all that you have to deal with when getting a divorce. You will likely also deal with other marital issues that must be resolved. For instance, you could be struggling to come to a custody agreement over children. You could be struggling to resolve spousal support issues or child support issues.

These issues must be resolved if you want your divorce to reach a conclusion. Your Chino Hills high net worth divorce attorney can help you get these matters resolved once and for all. 

Contact a High Net Worth Divorce Lawyer in Chino Hills, CA

You didn’t want your marriage to end in a divorce. Most people don’t. Now that you’re going through the divorce process, you just want things to be divided fairly and in a way that makes sense. Your lawyer can help you finalize your divorce and protect your financial assets. 

You need someone who knows how to handle a high net worth divorce case, and you’ve come to the right firm. The Law Office of Laurence J. Brock has a Chino Hills high net worth divorce lawyer who specializes in divorce and family cases. Call 909-466-7661 or fill out the online form below to talk to a lawyer about your high net worth divorce case.

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