June 03, 2020

Chino Hills Child Visitation Lawyer

Being able to visit your child is a right that cannot be denied to you under normal circumstances. Unless you have been banned from seeing your child due to abuse or a judge’s concern that you could be violent, you should have a set visitation schedule that ensures you and your child can establish and maintain a healthy relationship.

If you feel that you are not having enough time with your child, a Chino Hills child visitation lawyer can protect your right to see your child and ensure you have time together.

Your Time with Your Child Is Important

It is common for parents to believe they have to allow the parent with primary custody call all the shots regarding visitation, education, and upbringing in general.

While this may be true in some regards, as long as you are the child’s parent and he or she is  under the age of eighteen, you have the right to maintain an active role in your child’s life, including regular visitation.

Establishing Parentage for Fathers

If you and the child’s mother were not married at the time of the child’s birth, you will have to establish that you are indeed the father. Otherwise, the court will not recognize you as such, and your rights will not apply.

A Chino Hills child visitation lawyer can help you do so, and once complete, you have the right to sue for custody. This is true even if you have not had a relationship with your child up to this point.

As a visitation lawyer, some of the clients I assist with this process have never had visitation rights. Sometimes this was due to the mother not informing them that they were the father until some time had passed, while other times the mother was never willing to enter into a formal agreement. In any scenario, you do have rights, and establishing parentage is the first step in exercising them.

Going Back to Court for Increased Visitation Rights

If you are divorced and are not satisfied with the amount of visitation that was awarded to you during the process, a Chino Hills child visitation lawyer can help you go back to court and fight for more visitation time.

If a judge can be convinced that the level of visitation time you have does not allow your child to maintain a strong relationship with you, your request may be granted.

If you are looking to make a schedule change, you should consider what the benefits will be to your child, since a judge will be looking out for his or her best interest and not necessarily yours. This is one of the reasons you need an experienced Chino Hills child visitation lawyer in your corner.

Discuss Your Case with a Chino Hills Child Visitation Lawyer

You have a right to spend time with your child, and attorney Laurence J. Brock can ensure that that right is protected. To discuss the details of your case and your custody situation, call us at 909-466-7661 to schedule a consultation. Regardless of what has happened with your visitation rights in the past, you have the option of going back to court.

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